Please note that all of the below listed and presented projects aren't done by now. The development will continue. Check back regularly to stay up-to-date. Or consider contacting me if you got any ideas that should be implemented in them.

Color Palette Manager v2

Watch the development process of the Color Palette Manager v2. (old to new)

Code rewrite

We rewrote the complete source code from v.1. The old code was just a mess.


We optimized basically everything. From loading or saving your color palette, to open sub menus and so on.

Drag-&-Drop support

The Color Palette Manager has now drag and drop support to open your files.

Dedicated settings

Your settings now have a dedicated place in the ui. You're currently able to set following settings.

- Play sound when copying
- Dye card when hovering the preview
- Use windows/system theme
- Always stay in the foreground

- Present the app in Discord (Discord RPC)


Giving you the best experience isn't easy. We've added logging to get rid of bugs you might encounter.

Enhance UI

Color cards (or as we call them Color Displays) are now centered if the window is maximized.

Implemented user suggestions

We've heard you! We added following user suggestions we thought where helpful.

- Color wheel in add/edit color dialog
- increase the screen color picker field
- rearrange color selecting inputs
- Dedicated buttons to copy codes
- Smaller Color Displays

- Automatically overwrite loaded file when saved


We also eliminated many bugs from the previous version.

- String typos
- Warning during closing, only if changes where made
- White flickering during animations
- Minimum size of window
- Indices during TAB-movement

- Flickering during fast scroll movements
- Pressing ESC will now close the dialog windows

New Framework

We've migrated the application from .NET Framework 4.8.1 to the newer, more efficient and more stable .NET LTS 6.0. We're trying to upgrade even further to .NET LTS 8.0 but some dependencies aren't compatible yet. We've reached out to all incompatible maintainers. Some of them already responded and will upgrade their libraries soon.


We fixed bugs, reviewed the Application once more, packaged the application and send it to Microsoft to review our submission. The new Version (V.2) should be released on 1st jan 2024 in the Microsoft Store. Stay tuned! 

Future ideas

To bring you the best experience, we'll implement more requested features. The list below will give you a first impression of what's coming soon!

- Touch scroll (For touch client users)
- Drag & Drop rearrangement for color displays
- Generate a new palette from images
- Rearrange color displays by dragging them
- Group color displays
- Spacings for even more oversight
- Instant sharing trough our servers