Windows 8+
Discord account
Discord application
Application ID


  1. Download the .ZIP archive from GitHub.
    1. Open this link.
    2. Search for the latest release and click on the little arrow besides "Assets".
    3. Now click on the file called "". 
  2. Unzip the archive.
    1. Open the .ZIP archive called "".
    2. Click on "Extract all" in the upper menu of your Windows explorer.
    3. Choose a location on your filesystem where you want to save the extracted files.
    4. Open up the fresh extracted directory.
  3. Start the executable.
    1. Locate the file "Discord RPC Server.exe".
    2. Execute this file.
    3. Allow possible Windows security warnings.


  1. Using the help command
    1. Type help into the command prompt.
    2. Execute the command by hitting the enter key.
  2. Preparation
    1. Create a Discord application.
    2. Upload some assets to the Discord application.
    3. Have your application ID ready.
  3. Setup mode
    1. Type setup into the command prompt.
    2. You'll be asked for your application ID, paste it into the command prompt. Continue by     hitting enter.
    3. The next questions will be about the design of your richtpresence. Answer them as you     wish.
  4. Start the richpresence
    1. Type start into the command prompt and proceed by hitting enter.
    2. Switch to your installed discord client and check if the richpresence is visible.

This program is open-source!