Forced dialog window example

Example of a forced dialog window.

Dialog windows

A small but very important decision. Dialog windows must always be enforced. This can prevent the user from losing track or losing data. The parent window may not be used if the dialog has not been confirmed or cancelled. This ensures that the user is always using the right window and no unsaved data will be forgotten or lost.

Board-based app example

Example of a bord based application

Bord-based apps

For board-based applications (as an example Color Palette Manager) it is important to make sure that buttons and context-dependent functions are always displayed below the content or the data itself. As a result, the user first has insight into the content and then the context functions that are dependent on it.

Buttons example


Buttons that require direct attention from a user and should therefore be selected primarily must stand out from others. Unlike other design patterns, I don't just have a primary and a secondary color, but I decided to include a tertiary colour as well. The reason for this is that many contexts have more than just a primary and a secondary function.

Icons example

Consistent icons

Icons should always be kept in the same style to convey a natural, balanced feeling. Nevertheless, they should not be used too often, but only in places where their presence can visualize information and present it in a simplified or more understandable way.

Gradients example


Gradients are a powerful way to represent things. Especially in the modern world of design, gradients are becoming more and more interesting and present. However, playful gradients quickly make up for a confusing and unsightly design. Lighter and subtile gradients, on the other hand, ensure a pleasant and beautiful appearance of the element.

Colors example


The choice of a color is very, very important. They decide on the mood, perception and presentation of an element. Colors can prioritize elements or support them in their appearance. It is therefore recommended not to mix the color types, e.g. neon and pastel, but to stay within one color type.

You can check out my Color Palette here.
The downloaded file can be opened with this application.