Cloudflare DNS Updater

This program allows you to automatically update your Cloudflare DNS records.


Windows 10 or higher

Cloudflare account


Nameservers pointing to Cloudflare


1. Open this link.
2. Search for the latest release and click on the little arrow besides "Assets".
3. Now click on the file called "".

1. Open the .ZIP archive called "".
2. Click on "Extract all" in the upper menu of your Windows explorer.
3. Choose a location on your filesystem where you want to save the extracted files.
4. Open up the fresh extracted directory.

1. Locate the file "CloudflareDNS.exe".
2. Execute this file.
3. Allow possible Windows security warnings.

1. Type help into the command prompt.
2. Execute the command by hitting the enter key.

1. Generate an API Token. (Only API tokens are supported by now. API Keys won't work!)
2 Have your zone id ready.
3 Create an A or AAA record in your zone. (Something like "")

1. Type setup into the command prompt.
2. You'll be asked for your Cloudflare API Token, so paste it in there as required and hit enter.
3. Now you'll be asked for your Zone ID, paste it as well and continue by hitting enter.
4. The program will now print out a list with all created records in your provided zone.
5. Locate the record created before. (Remember, something like "")
6. Double click on the record id and copy it by pressing ctrl and insert simultaneously.
7. Paste the record id by pressing shift and insert simultaneously. Continue by pressing enter again.

1. Type update into the command prompt and confirm by hitting the enter key.
2. If the program prints a success message, head over to your Cloudflare Dashboard.
3. Open up your DNS records inside the dashboard.
4. Check if the record selected by you, contains a comment. ("Updated by PIN0L33KZ on: timestamp")

1. Open this link.
2. Save the .xml file in your download directory.

1. Open your Windows start menu.
2. Search for "Task Scheduler".
3. Open this application.

1. Click on "Import Task..." on the right hand side.
2. Select the downloaded .xml file as template.
3. Let the "Create Task" window opened.

1. In the "General" tab, select the button "Change User or Group".
2. Enter your Windows account name.
3. Click on "Check Names".
4. Confirm by clicking "OK".
5. Switch to the "Actions" tab.
6. Highlight the only available action "start program".
7. Click on the button "Edit...".
8. Click on the button "Browse..." located in the new window.
9. Select your "CloudflareDNS.exe" file.
10. Click on "OK".
11. Click on "OK" once more.
That's it! The program will now run every day at 12am.

Check out the Source-Code